Giljan Aquilina – Mayor

Currently I am in the first year of the Master of Accountancy course within the University of Malta. In November 2015 I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Accountancy and Banking. I also work as an intern with an auditing company.

My involvement in the village of Gharghur started form a young age. I believe that this village is beautiful both because it is surrounded by nature but also because in it one can find various organizations whose aim is to work for the benefit of the whole community. My share in the village of Gharghur started from a young age. As a child I used to help in the Church together with Jesmond Aquilina mostly with the maintenance and fitting of the Church. By time, I also I started giving my contribution to a group of bell ringers. In addition to ringing of the bells, I also gave my share in cleaning the spire and roof of the church.

Encouraged by my family members who have the hobby for art of pyrotechnics, I started to give my share in the paper work which is made within the warehouse in San Nikola Street. I also formed part of Youth Committee of the Association of Fireworks St. Bartholomeo, and as a member of this committee, along with fellow members, we organized various fund-raising activities. I was also part of the group led by my uncle, Isaac Aquilina, who took care of the Centenary festivities.

Moreover, I also got involved in the National Youth Parliament. My involvement within this Parliament has dealt with the theme of Immigration. I also gave my share in the Youths Sub Committee within the Local Council, led by Christopher Fenech. By virtue of my involvement in the Local Council, I have been chosen to be a part of a group of five young Maltese to participate in a Youth Exchange in the Czech Republic.

Mario Gauci – Vice Mayor

Mario Gauci was born on the 26th November 1962. He was educated at St Monica School, The Archbishop’s Seminary and The Chartered Institute of Bankers Malta Centre. He obtained the A.C.I B. Diploma in 1994. He joined Mid-Med Bank Ltd (now HSBC Bank Malta plc ) in 1981. In 2014 he joined APS Bank Ltd as a Consultant. He has attended various courses both locally and abroad relating mainly to Management, Banking and Local Government.

In 1994 he contested the first Local Council Elections as a candidate with the Nationalist Party. He was elected and subsequently appointed as the first Mayor of Hal Gharghur – a post he held for 21 years. Since then he has contested successfully the Local Council Elections held in 1998, 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2012 always obtaining the highest number of first count votes and in 2015 he was once again elected and currently he is serving as Deputy Mayor and represents Hal Gharghur Local Council on the Regjun Tramuntana.  He is also a member of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and member of the Monitoring Committee.

During his term of office the Hal Gharghur Local Council established itself as one of the foremost Local Councils on the island. Practically, all the roads in the village of Hal Gharghur have been resurfaced, the infrastructure and the utility services upgraded and reinforced contributing to a notable improvement in the general environment of the village and the quality of life of the residents.  Major projects concluded successfully include the development of the state of the art playing field known as Gnien il-Paci, the upgrading of Triq Ghaxqet l-Ghajn and the re-development of Gnien tal-Ponta, the development of a Community hall and Administrative Offices for the Local Council, which offer full accessibility to all, the installation of decorative lanterns and new street furniture, the restoration of the Semaphore tower and a war shelter.  Various initiatives were taken to strengthen the community and provide support to the residents mainly through the organisation of activities and educational meetings.  The Council published 2 books on the history of Hal Gharghur and regularly invested to upgrade the public library and increase the number of books.

He is married to Anna Maria Gauci and they have two children, Christine Marie and James Mario.

Christopher Fenech – Councillor

Christopher Fenech was born on the 3rd November 1970. He received his education at the Hal Gharghur Primary School, Boys Secondary School Naxxar and afterwards at the Agriculture College. He started to work with the public service at the age of 18, where he is still employed within the Department of Agriculture.

He was elected in the Hal Gharghur Local Council for the first time in March 1998, after contesting the Local Council Election as an independent candidate. In March 2001 he contested the Local Council Election for the second time with Labour Party, and once again he was elected with the highest amount of votes within the Labour Party. Among his duties during these six years he was responsible for Youths, Sports, Public Gardens, Public Cleansing and Public Lavatories. In March 2012 he contested once more the Local Council Election with Labour Party, obtaining the highest number of first count votes within the Labour Party and therefore appointed Minority Leader. In April 2015 he contested the Local Council Election for the forth time with the Labour Party, were once again he obtained the highest amount of first count votes within the Labour Party and therefore appointed again as Minority Leader.He is directly responsible for the Culture, Services, Public Gardens, Transport, Traffic Management and Self Employed.

He is married to Rita Fenech, and has two children, Jeanine and Faith.


Carl Grech- Councilol                                                                                                                        

Carl Grech was born on the 14th June 1989. He received his primary education at Stella Maris School in Balzan, Liceo Dun Gorg Preca College Hamrun and afterwards at the University of Malta where he graduated in B.A. (Hons.) (Melit.) Social Policy. He is presently sitting for a Masters in Gerontology and Geriatrics (M. Ger) within the University of Malta.

In March 2015 he contested the Local Councils Elections for the first time, as a candidate with the Labour Party. He was elected and appointed as a councillor of the Hal Gharghur Local Council. Carl holds at heart the social aspect and well-being of the society as a whole. In fact, he is presently directly responsible for Social Affairs and Family; Elderly and Persons with disability; Representative on the LEAP Project; Waste Management; Health and Sports; Public toilets and reduction of waste. He was also actively involved in many organisations prior to this civic engagement, such as a committee member of the Gharghur Football Club, secretary of the Youths sub-committee part of the local council lead by Mr. Christopher Fenech. He believes that the true success of a community is in the assimilation of different ideas that will only support the social and holistic well-being of the residents.


Mark Azzopardi – Councillor

Mark Azzopardi was born on the 4th July 1981. He was educated at the Hal Gharghur Primary School, the M.A. Vassalli Junior Lyceum, G.F.Abela Junior College and continued his studies at the University of Malta from where he obtained the B.Ed (Hons) degree. He later obtained a Master Degree, MsC Ed. Leadership from the University of Leicester.

In March 2001 he contested the Local Councils Elections as a candidate with the Nationalist Party. He was elected and appointed as Deputy Mayor of the Hal Gharghur Local Council. He was directly responsible for Roads, Infrastructure, Traffic Management, Historical Heritage, Public Relations, and e-Government. In June 2004 he contested the Local Councils elections for the second time as a candidate with the Nationalist Party and was re-elected and appointed as Deputy Mayor. He also contested the 2007 and 2012 elections and was reconfirmed as Deputy Mayor on both occasions. In March 2015 he contested his fifth election and was elected as a Councillor.  He is directly responsible for,Activities Youths, Education, Public Relations, European Union Programs, and e-Government.