The Name

This is one of the old villages of Malta. Recently a long controversy was carried out in some local papers about its name: Għargħur or Gargur?

Ancient records like the Militia list (1419-20) and the earliest parish documents call it Casali Grigori, Casal Gregorio, Casal Gargur. In certain maps of those times it appears as San Gregorio, or Gregorio, or Galgour. Throughout history the Maltese had a popular devotion to St.Gregory the Great, and in our village near Tal-Ferħa there was a chapel dedicated to him, mentioned by Mons.Dusina (1575). Even today in the vicinity a few fields are known as “ta’ Girgor”.

Since 1419-20 the name has undergone a series of variations by notaries and history writers. Agius de Soldanis gives Gargur and Għargħur; Vassalli’s Lexicon includes Għargħur, Gregorius, Gregorio, Ħal Għargħur (column 321). After him Ħal Għargħur gained ground, while Gargur was still in vogue up to Second World War. Today official documents give Ħal Għargħur. History lovers are divided. Others follow their sentimental preferences.