War Sites

On both sides of Ħal Għargħur there are two valleys: Wied id-Dis and Wied Anġlu. The village is flanked by two other hills almost of the same height (450ft) above sea level: Birguma and Madliena. On both hill-tops there were two fortresses; while Birguma had an anti-aircraft battery (now demolished), Madliena kept guard against sea intruders since 1880, and it is still there but in disuse. The Ħal Għargħur Battery at Tal-Ferħa was turned into a small lepers’ hospital, recently closed.

Other Military constructions are:

1. The Semaphore Tower on the road to Naxxar.

2. An old searchlight station at Lanċiritka, First World War.

3. A Signal Station (Second World War) near the Broadcasting Authority Master Antenna.

4. The Victoria Lines built in 1878-80. This low defence was, winding about through hills and villages, starts at the foot of Madliena facing Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq and ends at Binġemma.

(Article written by Rev. Carmelo Bezzina)