Ħal Għargħur is one of the smallest villages in Malta having an area of around 2 square kilometres and a population of about 2,773 people (as published on gov.gazette 10.04.2018). It is a characteristic rural village situated between Naxxar and Madliena to the west and east respectively. The locality is an important example of a typical village still today surrounded by rural areas of good quality agricultural land. This provides for the quiet, serene atmosphere found within this locality with abundant green natural areas around it. Ħal Għargħur still retains a natural delineation all around the village, separating it entirely from surrounding localities. The village possesses a particular rural setting and character, which is important to conserve and protect.

The urban part of Ħal Għargħur is predominantly residential in character with a typical village core surrounding the prominent church and square. Commercial and retail activities are limited to local shopping provision mainly within the Church area.

Some of the best examples of areas of ecological value are found bordering Ħal Għargħur. These include Wied Anġlu, Wied il-Faħam, Wied ta’ Santa Marija taż-Żellieqa, Wied ta’ Piswella, Wied ta’ Santa Katerina and Wied id-Dis. The Great Fault also passes within the limits of Ħal Għargħur .Ħal Għargħur in fact is situated on high ground and its prominent position overlooking the coast of Baħar iċ-Ċagħaq was found suitable for the location of the existing Broadcasting Transmission Station (previously the ex-Naval Signal Station). The Victoria Lines (1870-1899), a historical feature with recreational and tourism potential, is also present in the locality.

To reach Ħal Għargħur one can take Bus Number 35 and 36 from Valletta Terminus or bus number 136 from Birkirkara Terminus. For the bus schedule please click here.